Saturday, 27 November 2010


Short cycle done in flash to show anticipation before an action. Something in the video is going a bit weird with the frames sticking, not sure why :/

Anticipation from emma hardy on Vimeo.

Head Turn

For our principles of animation module i'm looking into "Arcs". I decided to demonstrate a simple head turn, but thought i'd have a go at it in flash (a program i haven't used for animating yet) and this was the result:

Head Turn from emma hardy on Vimeo.

Considering I had no graphics tablet i'm pretty pleased with the result. The movement is a bit more jerky than i'd like it to be, but i'll go back and add more frames when i have access to a tablet.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Round Robin - After Effects

Had my first go using Adobe After Effects today, our brief was so produce 15 seconds (although i've only done 10) of animation with balls of different weight bouncing.

Robot Animation

Robot animation key frames line test:

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Open Brief

Open brief project from last module "Introduction to Animated Forms". The sequence had to be 10 seconds long, in a medium that you have previous experience in.

open brief from emma hardy on Vimeo.

Robot Time

These are some of my character designs/general preparation drawings i've done for a 20 second animation i'm currently working on. I was originally going to use it for my open brief project in the previous module, but haven't been able to finish it in time, so have decided to create it just for practice.

The storyline is that a Robot basically extends his arm to tap a girl holding an ice cream on the shoulder, she turns and then he steals the ice cream, then she shoots him.. I'm about half way through animating the sequence.

Sorry for the poor image qualities, the work is in a fairly small sketchbook.

T-shirt Design idea for my little brother.